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Treat your greases and aerate your tanks with the DISC'AIR


The EUROPELEC DISC’AIR medium bubble air diffuser has a simple design. It is made of high-performance materials that offer full resistance to corrosion.

Its main uses are :

treatment of greases ;the aeration of retention basins. 

Technical features:

Diameter of the EPDM membrane: 125 mm ;Unit air flow range : 3 to 12 Nm³/h ;Usual air flow : 6 to 9 Nm³/h.


The DISC’AIR diffuser has three entirely separate components :

The body of the DISC’AIR fine bubble air diffuser is an ABS disc. At the base it has a ¾" NPT threaded nipple to connect it to the air pipes ;The disc is covered with a very strong, evenly perforated EPDM membrane ;The membrane is attached to the disc with an ABS clamping ring.


Available as an option:

It may be installed on a stainless steel or PVC grid ;The aeration system of which it is a part may be fixed or liftable. In the liftable configuration the ballast is made of steel.


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