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Floating high speed mixer


The EUROMIX is a vertical floating mixer suitable for every mixing applications without need of oxygen. The liquid is sucked at the surface of the tank and is driven towards the bottom.

As mixing is vertical, the EUROMIX prevents dead zones. It therefore prevents sedimentation and settling in the homogenisation tanks.

The floating high speed mixer is completely designed and manufactured in France.


Technical features :

The EUROMIX is constructed from high quality materials suited to the application (stainless steel) and modern materials (composite). The completely sealed structure is made of fibreglass reinforced polyester and filled with polyurethane foam.

The main components of the Euromix include :

Oversized motor ;Polyester floater ;
Clipped and balanced impeller.

The motor is directly mounted on the floater. The impeller is therefore completely submerged under the floater and connected to the motor by way of a coupling.

Available as an option :

Anchoring accessories.


Plan :

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Floating high speed mixer EUROMIX

In Situ

System plan