Agitateur flottant à vitesse lente ROTOMIX
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Floating low speed mixer


The ROTOMIX is a floating low speed mixer with a vertical shaft which is made of a rotor attached to a gear motor through a connecting shaft. The vortex power created on the surface of the water eliminates foam in most cases.

The floating low speed mixer is completely designed and manufactured in France.


Technical features :

The main components of the Rotomix include:

Watertight motor ;
Gear : with cylindrical gears designed for robustness and sealed, oversized bearings ;Connecting shaft : positioned between the rotor and the gear motor, height-adjustable and metallised with zinc and epoxy paint for protection;Rotor: made of fibreglass;Floater or Floating pontoon.

Available as an option :

Anchoring accessories;Height-adjustable along the vertical shaft according to the depth of the tank (up to 8 m).


Plan :

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Agitator floating to slow speed ROTOMIX

System plan