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The curved bar screen


This system is used for easy separation and elimination of large matter carried in the untreated water, which could damage the treatment facilities or obstruct the various installation units. It may be used for screening municipal and industrial water. It is suitable for all flow rates.


Technical features :

The main components of the DCM curved bar screen include :

a curved screen non-deforming ;
a one piece vessel ;a cleaning rake ;a comb cleaning device ;a waterproof, tropicalised gear motor ;
a horizontal stop device on the arm.

This machinery is fully automatic. It can be controlled (not supplied) using a load detection device or by a time switch. When shut down, the rake stops in the horizontal position. This end-of-cycle position, obtained by an electric switch, allows the water to run freely between two functions. A device cleans the comb on each rotation and disposes of the waste in the collection basket. A load limiter stops the equipment in the event of a blockage.

Available as an option:

Available in galvanised steel or stainless steel ;
Can be supplied in a protective housing ;Protective aluminium grille hood.


The degreaser


The oil removable is a liquid/solid separation operation. Oils and greases being generally lighter than water and naturally tend to rise to the surface. In order to speed up this process, an aerator placed in the centre of the well, diffuses fine bubbles which bring grease and oil particles to the surface. Before they solidify, they are leaded by a scum deflector which drains the waste out of the tank.
The aerated oil separation equipment is used in small and medium-sized facilities and for 2.2 to 7 m diameter tanks.

Technical features :

The main components of the aerated oil separation equipment include :

a gear motor ;a skimming device with one tubular diametric arm, each of them fitted out with a rubber squeegee ; a scrum trough (for grease and oil), including an extracting pipe to outside of the tank ; an aerator guide and fixing device.

The main materials used are hot dip galvanised steel, aluminium and stainless steel.

Available as an option :

Available in galvanised steel, aluminium or stainless steel ;
Fine bubble aerator suitable for the type of oil separator ;Aerator guide and attachment device ;Airlift system (for a grit chamber).


Curved bar screen

The curved bar screen
Dégrilleur courbe DCM


The degreaser