SOFIE - la turbine lente immergée
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SOFIE, the 2-in-1 submersible aerator and mixer

The SOFIE is Europelec high-performance submerged aerator and/or mixer and is designed to both mix and transfer oxygen in wastewater as efficiently as possible.


EUROPELEC difference

Submerged aerators / turbines within SOFIE range are fully designed and manufactured in France.

At each development stage, choices of adopted solutions have been driven by the following priorities:

Better oxygenation efficiency than typical submersible aerators;

 Possibility to mix only, for the anaerobic phases;

Quality and solidly built components;

Reduced maintenance;

The SOFIE submersible low speed aerator offers best-in-class submersible aeration efficiency, long life duration and enables to fulfill your mixing needs at the same time.


Technical features

The SOFIE consists mainly of stainless steel blades rotor with a hydrodynamic optimized shape in a depression housing equipped with exhaust channels.


The main components of the SOFIE include:

A solidly-built submersible geared-motor;

A connection with a feeding air flexible elastomer pipe;

A stainless steel depression housing equipped with exhaust channels;

A stainless steel blades rotor;

Stainless steel feet for anchoring on the bottom of a tank.


This aerator/turbine associated with an air compressor allows both mixing and aeration without aerosol projections or noise pollution. Accepting important liquid level variations, this equipment can be ideal for SBR (Sequential Batch Reactors).



Possibility to provide rotor blades in reinforced polyester;

Plan :

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Plan slow immersed turbine SOFIE

In situ

System plan

In Action