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AQUADISC® fine bubble air diffusers

9" (ø250 mm), 12" (ø305 mm) and 14" (ø350 mm) discs
Fine bubble diffusers designed for the aeration of activated sludge tanks in urban and industrial treatment plants.


The AQUADISC fine bubble air diffuser spreads bubbles over the entire surface of the membrane in order to increase air/liquid transfer and prevent any coalescence. It is mainly used for the aeration and oxygenation of activated sludge tanks in urban or industrial treatment plants.


  • Can be used for fixed or crane ventilation systems alike
  • One of the best oxygenation performance levels on the market, certified by IRSTEA
  • Chemical inertia
  • Mechanical and abrasion resistance
  • Compatibility with high temperatures (up to 110°C)
  • 100% recyclable product
  • Can be cleaned with formic acid
  • Entirely designed and manufactured in France


The AQUADISC diffuser consists of the following three completely separate elements:

  • The structural element of the AQUADISC fine bubble air diffuser is a moulded polypropylene disc. It is equipped, at its base, with a 3/4 gas threaded nozzle so that it can be fastened to the air ducts;
  • The disc is covered with a very durable and uniformly perforated EPDM membrane;
  • The membrane is fixed to the disc by a clamping ring in fibre-loaded polypropylene.



  • It can be installed on a stainless steel or PVC network;
  • The aeration system, which it is part of, can be fixed or transported by crane;
  • The membrane also exists in silicone.

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