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AQUAFEN® high speed floating aerators

Design that has been completely revised & optimised in 2019
Floating surface aerator at high speed
Particularly suited to buffer tanks, activated sludge, SBR, MBR and aerated lagoons.
Made and assembled in France.


The AQUAFEN® is a fast floating aerator with direct coupling.Equipped with an ultra-durable HDPE rotational moulded float, it is robust, requires little maintenance and does not require any complex installation procedure.
It is available in a 1000 rpm and 1500 rpm version.


  • Ease of handling
  • Simple to install
  • Optimised transportation (removable float)
  • Low maintenance costs
  • High durability
  • French design and manufacture
  • IE3 energy class motors
  • Patented system (Patent no. 7817925)


The AQUAFEN® is made up of the following groups of equipment:

  • The motor block (IE3 motors with reinforced protection and sealing and motor plate);
  • The propulsion unit, consisting of a propeller with a shaft and a rotoflector or a single screw (depending on the turbine model);
  • The float, made up of unsinkable, ultra-durable and non-corroding rotomoulded HDPE box assemblies mounted on a stainless steel structure;

The float – highly resistant to shocks and to any form of mechanical or chemical attack – keeps the aerator perfectly buoyant and stable under all operating conditions.


  • Lateral suction for shallow tanks;
  • Elongated duct for very deep tanks;
  • Cover to reduce noise and spray discharges;
  • 4 or 8 pole motor (1000 or 1500 rpm);
  • Option of a stainless steel float;
  • Slinging and fastening kits;

Product also available for rental.

The Europelec difference

The floating aerators in the AQUAFEN® range are designed and manufactured in France.
At each stage of development, our choices of solutions were guided by the following requirements:
– Quality and durability of the materials used;
– High oxygenation efficiency;
– Durability or resistance to corrosion;
– Easy assembly, handling and maintenance

The AQUAFEN® surface aerator combines ergonomics and high oxygenation performance with one of the longest service life times on the market.

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