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AQUATUBE® fine bubble tube air diffusers

2" (ø70 mm) and 3" (ø90 mm) tubes
Fine bubble diffusers designed for the aeration of activated sludge tanks in urban and industrial wastewater treatment plants


The AQUATUBE fine bubble air diffuser is cylindrical in shape. It is covered by an EPDM membrane equipped with uniformly distributed micro-slots.
It is mainly used for the aeration and oxygenation of activated sludge tanks in urban or industrial treatment plants. It achieves its optimal performance in the gutters and by oblique aeration.


  • Can be used for fixed or crane ventilation systems alike
  • One of the best oxygenation performance levels on the market, certified by IRSTEA
  • Chemical inertia Mechanical and abrasion resistance
  • Compatibility with high temperatures (up to 110°C)
  • 100% recyclable product Can be cleaned with formic acid
  • Entirely designed and manufactured in France
  • The AQUATUBE® 90 can be installed on a circular manifold in DN100 stainless steel or DN110 PVC by simple bolting.


The AQUATUBE is composed of the following elements:

  • Diffuser body: the polypropylene manufacturing of this component provides it with excellent resistance to abrasion, high chemical inertia and optimum mechanical strength:
  • EPDM membrane: the perforation without removing material prevents water from entering the manifolds when aeration stops
  • 3 clamping collars in A4 stainless steel (316L)
  • Polypropylene mounting clips for fitting on the circular manifold (only for the Aquatube® 90)


  • It can be installed on a stainless steel or PVC network;
  • The aeration system, which it is part of, can be fixed or transported by crane. In the crane configuration, the ballast can be in steel or concrete;
  • Also available in a double crane-mountable diffuser (two manifolds supplied by a single air downtake);
  • The membrane also exists in silicone.

Renewal of 2120 diffusers on 20 Europelec aeration grids

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