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Brush bridge

Surface aerator equipped with blades
The range of EUROPELEC solutions can be used to replace the brush bridge of all brands in a power range from 5.5 to 45 kW.
Specific configurations can be envisaged for power levels outside this range.


Surface paddle aerators are suitable for oblong or circular gutter shaped tanks. Its design delivers long-term reliability. In fact, we are committed to using high quality materials and mechanical equipment. The EUROPELEC brush arm is a reliable and highly durable piece of equipment.


The brush arm is made up of the following elements:

  • The shaft of the brush arm with anti-corrosion paint
  • The blades of the galvanised steel brush
  • The side protection discs
  • A Bearing
  • An IE3 energy class vertical gear motor with a high service factor
  • An IE3 energy class horizontal gear motor with a high service factor
  • The seat for the mounting system of the gear motor


  • The length of the shaft is tailored to the specifications of the tank
  • Corrosion resistant equipment
  • Robust design
  • French manufacturing
  • Wide power range from 5.5 to 45 kW
  • Quality of electromechanical equipment


  • Gangway with aluminium guardrail
  • Upstream and/or downstream spray hood
  • Deflector downstream of the brush arm which leads to greater efficiency of the brush arm alone
  • Automatic grease cartridge
  • Gate with contactor
  • Lifeline upstream of the brush arm
  • The brush blades can be provided in stainless steel
  • The brush bridge can be provided with a grease or oil lubricated bearing

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