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Euromix® floating agitator

High speed floating agitator


  • Vertical axis floating stirrer designed for all non-oxygen blending applications.
  • The EUROMIX prevents the formation of dead zones because the mixing axis is vertical.
  • As a result, it prevents sedimentation and rapid settling in the homogenisation tanks.


The construction of the EUROMIX uses a combination of sophisticated materials (stainless steel) and modern materials (composites). The structure, which is perfectly waterproof, is made of polyester reinforced with fibreglass and filled with polyurethane foam.

The EUROMIX is made up of the following elements:

  • An over-engineered motor;
  • A polyester float;
  • A trimmed and balanced marine propeller.

The motor is mounted directly on the float. The propeller is therefore completely submerged under the float and connected to the motor with a coupling.



Supply of anchoring accessories.


  • Easy installation by simple fastening
  • Ready-to-use delivery
  • Perfectly suitable for variable-level tanks
  • Reduced maintenance and great accessibility of all mechanical parts
  • Power range from 3 to 22 kW
  • IE3 energy class motors

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