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SOFIE II submersible slow turbine

Solution for the aeration of your tanks in a treatment plant
The SOFIE is a slow aerator/turbine submerged at slow speed and along a vertical axis. It's combined with an air supercharger both mixes and aerates the effluent without creating spray/noise pollution


  • The SOFIE is designed to be installed at the bottom of the tank and to operate either in aeration mode or in stirring mode.
  • The SOFIE has the particular feature of being both robust and reliable.
  • The turbine is ready to use on delivery and requires only minimal maintenance.
  • It is a good alternative to fine bubble aerators and is suitable for tanks with syncopated aeration.


The SOFIE is essentially composed of a dynamically hydro-optimised, stainless steel blade rotor housed in a vacuum housing with ejection ducts. The rotor is driven by a submersible gear motor. The casing is connected to a central compressed air system by a flexible hose.
The manufacturing of the gear motor, the choice of materials and the definition of a high service factor guarantee the performance and reliability of the SOFIE turbines.


  • Improved efficiency
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Possibility of mounting with a surface motor
  • Easy maintenance of the rotor and gear motor
  • Maintenance without emptying the tank (crane system)
  • Equipment suitable for very deep tanks
  • Good alternative to aeration with fine bubble diffusers
  • French design and manufacturing
  • IP68 gear motors available in energy class IE1 to IE3
  • Reduced noise pollution


Option of supplying the rotor with polyester blades.

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The Europelec difference

The aerators in the SOFIE range are entirely French-made.

At each stage of development, our choice of chosen solutions is guided by the following imperatives:

– Improved oxygenation performance compared to conventional submersible aeration systems
– It is possible to brew only for anoxia phases
– Quality and solidity of materials used
– Minimum maintenance and maintenance.

The SOFIE submerged aerator offers optimal oxygenation performance in its class, a significant lifespan and allows a brewing function that conventional submerged aerators do not perform.

SOFIE II in action