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LTF Low speed surface aerator

Surface aeration
Surface, fixed or floating slow turbine


Specially designed for wastewater treatment, the hydrodynamic shape of the polyester rotor of the EUROPELEC surface aerator/turbine stirs and oxygenates the water extremely well.


The assembly can be fixed on a concrete gangway or on a metal frame using the seat plate. The very robust slow speed aerator/turbine is designed for use in a fixed or floating position.

LTF is made up of the following elements :

  • A gear motor ;
  • A coupling sleeve ;
  • A rotor, made of fibreglass reinforced polyester, is filled with expanded polyurethane foam. Its density of less than 1 makes it easier to mount in a full tank and reduces the axial loads of the gear motor.


  • A spray cover to avoid aerosol spray and noise pollution
  • A gear motor cover
  • A frame to be adapted to existing civil engineering works in the case of a rehabilitation
  • A wide power range, from 1.5 to 110 kW (more power on demand)
  • French design and manufacturing
  • Option to mount our slow turbines on floating pontoons with or without an access gangway


  • A spray cover to prevent spray and noise pollution;
  • Gear motor casing;
  • A frame for adjusting the existing civil engineering in the case of a renovation project;
  • A suction chimney for deep tanks;
  • Anchoring accessories for the floating version.
  • In its floating version, this product is also available for rental.

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Europelec make the difference

The surface aerators in the LTF range are fully designed and manufactured in France.
At each stage of development, our choices of solutions were guided by the following requirements:

  • Maximum oxygenation efficiency;
  • Wide range of powers available;
  • Quality and durability of the materials used;
  • Resistance to corrosion;
  • Flexibility and customisation to best meet the customer’s needs.

The LTF surface aerator delivers one of the best performance levels in terms of oxygenation and lifetime available on the market.

Surface, fixed or floating slow turbine in action