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Rental equipment

Equipment RENTAL:

a solution for specific needs OR TO DEAL WITH EMERGENCY

Europelec has a fleet of equipment permanently available to the wastewater treatment plant operators or industrial customers who need additional aeration or mixing capacities.

Renting aeration and mixing equipment allows them to deal with occasional or cyclical peaks of activity, to solve odour issues (especially in summertime) or to organise maintenance periods for permanent equipment without leading to any operating losses or a drop in capacity.

For this purpose, Europelec offers its machines for short or long term rental (from several days to several years).

The Europelec’s equipment fleet includes surface aerators (Aquafen® and LTF Slow Turbines), bottom aerators (Sofie®, Aerostream®, mobile fine bubbles ramp) and floating mixers such as Euromix®.

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