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Maintenance of your EUROPELEC installations

Maintenance – first and foremost, a matter of design

In order to best respond to the operating constraints of its customers, Europelec incorporates product maintenance criteria from the design phase onwards.


By choosing durable materials, reducing the number of wear parts and by safely engineering the structural elements,the <Research & Development> department is able to offer reliableequipment, requiring a reduced number of maintenance operations.

During manufacturing, the quality and reliability of Europelec’s equipment is improved even further, by selecting motors and gear motors from recognised brands, choosing high service factors and devoting a lot of attention to the production and assembly details.

Preventive maintenance: anticipating breakdowns

Europelec offers to support its customers throughout the lifetime of their facilities by setting up preventive maintenance contracts.

The timely replacement of wear parts as well as the regular maintenance of the motors are crucial to extendingthe lifespanof the equipment.

Preventive check-ups are frequently useful in spotting potential failures and putting together a servicing schedule, rather than having to face unexpected service interruptions which are generally much more costly.


Corrective maintenance: manage failures properly when they occur

Despite all the precautions taken, a failurecan never be completely ruled out.

When itstill occurs,the Europelecteams can intervene and, if necessary, make use of the stocks of spare parts needed to get the equipment back in working order.