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Groupe SFA

A recognised global group

Since the origin, the SFA group has specialized in the design and manufacture of equipment for the waste water depuration.

Mostly known for revolutionising the sanitary equipment market with the invention – in 1958 – of the sanitary macerator, the group also kept developing – with its daughter company Europelec – innovative solutions for both the municipal and industrial waste water treatment plants.

The diversity of the SFA solutions, from the toilets and bathrooms, to the lifting stations and the industrial and municipal water treatment facilities, make the group a world leader of the sanitary industry, with subsidiaries in 26 countries and more than a thousand employees worldwide.

Innovation, a priority for Groupe SFA

Since its creation, the SFA group has been constantly looking to the future and continues to reinvent itself. Water, its treatment as well as its use are indeed a key element in everyone’s daily life. 

Innovation, industrial research, respect for the environment and customer service are the values we share. Groupe SFA is keen to offer high-performance products according to the high-quality “Made in France” standards. Our goal is to constantly offer you the best possible quality of service.