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As the first company to manufacture its aerators (since 1983) and its diffusers (at the turn of the 2000s) in France, Europelec has always placed engineering and innovation at the heart of its concern

Innovation, at the heart of our concerns

Faithful to its core values and anxious to constantly improve the quality and reliability of its products, while remaining open to the needs of its customersEuropelec has stepped up its research and development efforts in recent years.


Resources that are equal to our ambitions

The company now has 2 test tanks (1000 m3 and 250 m3) and a laboratory equipped with numerous testing facilities (water columns, aquariums, pressure test room, test benches, etc). Thanks to the company’s facilities and modelling and simulation software programs, it can constantly improve the performance of the equipment and materials used in the manufacture of Europelec’s products.  

A constantly evolving range

Between redesigning the company’s historical products (Aquafen, Sofie) and regularly launching new products on the market (floating diffusersAerostream, Noemi system), the company is constantly seeking to expand its range of solutions while improving in performance and quality.